Google Adsense + Amazon Affiliate links in a page?


hi friends
can we use both google adsense and amazon affiliate links in a single page?? is there any issues…plz let me know. am selling books through amazon affilite. so that in a page i listed 8 to 10 books links + adsense…is it ok???


I don’t think there is an issue with this, bro.

But, for both Google AdSense and Amazon Associates, there is only one key thing you should follow. It shouldn’t look like your blog’s primary intention is to make money. Bombarding your website with Ads and Affiliate links will be a huge issue later. Have enough content. If you are making a listicle then make it correctly, it should have a title, proper description, and an image (with/without credit, depends).

You can link the title or use terms like “Buy now” for inserting your Amazon Affiliate link.

Regarding AdSense ads, it’s just the same procedure, your article should follow their guidelines, and your ad placement should be proper not misleading visitors. Best wishes.