GoDaddy Domain Renewal Discount Coupon Code [UPDATED]



If you are looking for GoDaddy domain renewal coupon or promo codes, then there is a small trick to get them. By default, most of the discount codes won’t work for domain name renewals. I have been trying this several times, but alas it never worked for me. This is really sad/bad for me because whenever I renew I don’t just renew a single domain name, I renew for at least 5-7 domains or even 10+ sometimes, so even a 5% promo code will save me a lot.

But, here is a small trick that worked for me. Some of my domain names were expiring this month end, those are just my experimental domain names, so I didn’t actually set ‘auto-renew’ for them. Yesterday I added them to my cart, spend some time with the settings, and searched online for some promo codes, but as usual, nothing worked. So I just closed the browser and did nothing else.

This is what I did exactly, and after a few hours I got a call from GoDaddy’s representative (beware Truecaller show this as spam though), and they asked me whether I was aware that some of my domain names are expiring this month end. I told them ‘Yes’ and said that I’ll be leaving those domain names or moving them to another domain registrar since the renewal charges are high.

That’s all; he automatically allocated a special 5% promo code for my renewal. Even though 5% may sound less, but I renewed 11 domain names, so it was definitely worth it.

[Tip: Comfort them saying that you’ll renew your domain names for more than 2 years, I’m sure you’ll get more % of discount from them]

This may not be exactly a trick but this worked for me, and looks like it worked for others as well, so why not try this and save some bucks! Do share your experience or if you know any other promo code, do kindly let us know as well!

If you are looking for $1 Godaddy domain name promo codes, then check this:

UPDATE: Another cool tip to get Renewal codes!

You can also open their “Chat” support and get instant renewal discount codes, it’ll be automatically applied in your checkout cart. I found this chat option inside the checkout cart, but you can find this in any support pages. :slight_smile:

The promo code they generate for you will be unique and you need to use that asap before it gets expired.

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