GoDaddy Domain Discount Coupon Code [Updated]



Want to buy a domain name? Not ready to invest a lot for this? Don’t worry, GoDaddy gives you the opportunity to register a brand new .com domain name for just $1.35 (subject to change). Kindly change the currency to USD and proceed with this procedure, please.

Note: Valid only for new GoDaddy accounts, and you can register only one .com domain name.

Oops, BigRock users? Here is a Promo/Discount/Coupon code for Domains!

Open, enter your desired domain name (.com), and if it’s available for registration, do grab it asap and go to the checkout. In this page, there will be an option to enter a promotional code (right side), enter CJC99COM there and click on “Apply”. You’ll see the final price difference.

I’ll definitely update this post whenever find a new promo code for GoDaddy domain names. Feel free to share the ones you know as well. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Still still working :open_mouth: ?


Hahah, yes yes, do try it for new accounts. :’)


Is there a coupon to apply when renewing the domain?


Renewal codes are not working these days bro, but trust me, if you call them and ask them for a discount, they’ll probably provide you something like 20% off for your renewal. I don’t have the number now, but you will find it in your default ‘renewal notice’ emails. :slight_smile:


This tip just saved me 25% on renewal. I almost never check my email account with which GoDaddy is associated.

Thanks @pradeepkumar

PS: Loving this forum so far.


@pradeepkumar Any code for domain renewal on Godaddy?


Renewal codes rarely work on GoDaddy bro, but if you can speak with any of their representatives during the renewal time, they’ll be happy to share a 25% off promo exclusively for you.


I tried last time [Also posted the same on HBB FB Group] when i had only one day left in renewal but i wasn’t able to connect with them on call. :frowning: I have one more renewal in next month so will connect with them before 10 days and will share the code here if they provide any :smile:


Can we buy domains with this code from 1 card by making different accounts?


This promo code is limited for new accounts bro, but if you are going to use the same debit/credit card on different accounts, then GoDaddy might allow it for a while, but if you do this on a regular basis, they might restrict it, they understand our tactics much better. :slight_smile:


thanks a lot. It means i can buy 2 or 3 domains with this method.


You should be able to get them via new accounts bro, but don’t repeat this continuously. :slight_smile:


Any Coupon for .net domain?

The 25% off one is not working!


I’m not sure about the promo/discount code bro, but use the “Chat” option and request them for a promo code, or tell them that you are transferring your domain names or something like this because of the high price.


I tried this but they denied :confused:


@pradeepkumar sir, how to create these type of coupon codes for GoDaddy Affiliate account any ideas?
Is it necessary to change the currency in USD?


Not really necessary bro, but if the promo code is not working, kindly change the currency and try it, please. :slight_smile:

These are the default ones GoDaddy gives bro…


@pradeepkumar Bro used this code but it now accepts only Credit Cards. What should I do?
I am getting the new domain for like 110 INR but it isn’t accepting Debit Cards or Net Banking. Customer Support says that using this coupon disables all the other means of payments.


You Can use Debit/ Credit Card :grinning: