Get list of .edu websites which accept scholarship pages?


Hai everyone,.

can someone let me know the possible ways to find the .edu blogs which offer scholarships and they must accept other scholarship pages as well i.e if i am an institution offering some scholarship for students,then they have to list my scholarship details on their page.


Hi @thandavakrishnatk, do try these search queries on Google, you’ll find your options there. :slight_smile:

Note: These are popular and reputed .EDU websites, so kindly do your promotion naturally and genuinely.

  1. site: .edu "scholarship"

  1. site: .edu "scholarships links"

  1. site: .edu "student discounts"

If you know any other tips you followed recently, do kindly share with us, thank you. :slight_smile:


It helps.Thank you.will share the results soon


Hey Thandavakrishnatk
Scholarship Link building is one of the awesome way to get backlinks to your site and of course google loves .edu websites. I literally collected a more than 80+ emails in just 2 days

Here you need few tools and plugins to do your research.

  1. extension which will find emails from websites
  2. Ahrefs for spying and backlinks audit.
    Here you can use google footprints to find universities as @pradeepkumar mentioned above or
    Find blogs which are running scholarship programs on their websites put those blog urls on Ahrefs and dig out universities linking to that blog. Visit those universities , Most universities put their emails on their scholarship /Financial aid page , you can scroll to their contact us pages or simple use the hunter extension to find emails to submit your scholarship.
    Go to every blog url listed on the university’s Scholarship page , put that on Ahrefs and collect emails, You can make a awesome list in a couple of hours.

I hop it helped.


@Tanishq_Jain is there any helpful footprint to get the list of websites which are using scholarship pages ?


Connect me on Facebook, I will help you get started :slight_smile:


Here is a List of websites to get scholarship Backlinks


Can you help me with the list of websites that are having scholarship pages in India?