FREE WordPress Plugins we Use on our Blog Network!



Decided to share the list of ‘FREE’ WordPress Plugins we use on our Slashsquare blog network and how it actually helps us. You don’t necessarily need to install all these plugins, unless they are useful to your blog. Let’s get started.

FREE? Okay. Here are the Premium Ones we covered earlier!

Premium/Paid WordPress Plugins we Use for our Blog Network!

1. Akismet Anti-Spam

Probably THE BEST Anti-Spam plugin out there for WordPress. This plugin helps you to prevent (99%) spam blog comments. It helped us a lot. You can refer the screenshot below. :’)


2. Broken Link Checker

We published several articles, and we also get plenty of guest articles frequently, this plugin helps us to track/manage all the broken links on our blog, including comments section. We use this plugin to grab expired domain names as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

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3. Click To Tweet

Using this plugin, you can create a cool tweetable blockquote, just like this:

4. Format Media Titles

As you can see in the screenshot, file names like “pradeep_happiness” can be easily converted into “Pradeep Happiness” under “Title,” “Alt” and other useful sections.

5. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

Want to have a quick look at your blog stats without opening Google Analytics directly? This plugin will integrate most of the stats on your WordPress dashboard itself.

6. Jetpack by

This plugin may affect your blog’s server load, but definitely, worth it, I love their WordPress comment section, like, you can log in via Facebook, Twitter,, etc. and comment.

7. Public Post Preview

I usually use this plugin for sharing the ‘preview’ of the articles with our content writers. When I share this preview link and ask them to check thrice for proofreading, it’ll help them to figure out whether they missed something or not. Works well.

Public Post Preview

8. Login Logo

A little bit of branding for our login/admin pages. We can quickly do this without WordPress plugin but I found this to be easy, especially when I had the habit of changing the dimensions frequently.

9. Media File Renamer

I often use this plugin to fix the file names of our old media content like images, videos, etc.

10. Outbound Link Manager

We have plenty of articles on our Slashsquare Blog Network, so, apparently, plenty of links (dofollow/nofollow) as well. This plugin gives me an idea about which links are dofollow and which links are nofollow. We even have the option to change them directly.

11. Stealth Publish

If you want to publish an article, but you don’t want the world* to know about it, you can use this plugin. It won’t appear on your homepage, feed, email, etc… but it will be on your blog, secretly.

Stealth Publish

12. upPrev

Not sure if people even click on this, but it’s a good way to increase page views and reduce bounce rate. This plugin generates a floating bar on the side with a ‘related article.’

13. User Switching

I started to use this plugin recently, and it’s quite handy when I want to switch from “User A” to “User B.” I can directly go to any user’s profile and switch.

14. WP Bitly

I’m a big fan of Short URLs and thanks to Bitly, we integrated it for all our blogs. This plugin helps us to generate short URLs for all the articles on our blog.

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15. WP-DBManager

Even though we have VaultPress for our blog network, we still use this plugin, perhaps a backup for the backup. :smiley:

I’ll be updating this list frequently whenever I come across any cool plugins. If you are using any awesome WordPress Plugins and want to share them here, kindly let us know!


Got some usefull plugins for my site
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