Free Solution to Backup Your WP Site (+SQL) in 2 Clicks


(Somesh Chaudhary) #1

As the terror of DigitalOcean keeps on propagating. I found a very simple (FREE) solution to take backup of your website in just 2 clicks.
First of all, Install All in One Wp Migrate Plugin on your WP Blog
Now Simple Export as File and Take A Backup

And You are Done. Download the Backup and use the same whenever you want to! (Hope that time never comes)
Link to Plugin Page:
If the backup size exceeds 1GB, you can unlock the Unlimited limit by yourself from this guide:
Link: ryankozak dot com/all-in-one-migration-sizelimit/
Backup taken by this plugin Includes: WHOLE WORDPRESS SITE + YOUR SQL DATA AS WELL!
Do Let me know if you are facing any issues after it!
I follow this simple routine everytime i take backup of my sites.

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Thank you for sharing this cool procedure @someshchaudhary! I always remember that anything can happen for anyone… natural disasters, server security issues, etc… the only way to live peacefully is to make sure our hard work is safe and it is possible to recover. :slight_smile:

(dinesh) #3

Som bro rocks <3, Som bro share more things link this in this forum :slight_smile:

(Abhishek Yadav) #4


I am unable to download the backup from my server… when i click download it goes to 404 page. any solution?

(Pradeep Kumar) #5

Did you download it from cPanel or where exactly bro? :slight_smile:

(Somesh Chaudhary) #6

I guess you have not generated the backup properly! Try again and then Right Click on the Download Button and Copy the link and download it via IDM for faster download!

(Abhishek Yadav) #7

bro the site is hosted on Digital Ocean…not able to downlaod anything with it’s path…i guess the server is blocking direct downloads.

(Abhishek Yadav) #8

bro generated backup properly but goes to 404 not found page. Hence unable to download.

(Somesh Chaudhary) #9

Try manual download via cpanel for once!

(Pradeep Kumar) #10

How did you generate this backup download link bro? Can you kindly share the steps? :slight_smile:

(Dinesh Yadav) #11

hey @abhinemm bro, just check permissions of that directory, it might be because of that.