Follow this to Manually Update/Upgrade your Discourse Forum!



Whenever you get a new Discourse version to upgrade you’ll probably get an email like this:

You can either upgrade/update by going to your Dashboard like this:

This is probably easy and you won’t have to do anything else, but sometimes this will get disconnected or fail unsuccessfully for some reasons, I faced it like 4-5 times already. If you are facing something like this, then you can prefer macOS’s Terminal or PuTTY for Windows.

This is macO’s Terminal window you are seeing right now. Find your forum’s IP address (you can find this from your web hosting) and enter these:

ssh root@your.ip.address.

Then type your password and press “Enter.”

After that, type:

cd /var/discourse

./launcher rebuild app

That’s all. This will rebuild the app and the Discourse/Docker version will be upgraded as well. It will take some time, say 4-5 mins maximum. If you have any errors, like outdated plugins or memory space issue, they will not upgrade, you’ll get the error logs there.

If everything is fine, you have successfully manually upgraded/updated your Discourse Forum!

Let us know if you have any queries.