Follow THIS to Enable Custom Image Thumbnails on YouTube Channel!

If you have a YouTube channel and if you upload a video, everything will go smoothly, but, at some point, YouTube won’t allow you to add “Custom Thumbnails” to your YouTube. We all know how important thumbnails are.

By default, “YouTube may disable custom thumbnails for certain search results when they’re considered inappropriate for viewers.” But apart from that, you just have to verify your account to get this activated. Also, your account should be in good standing without any issues.

Click on the “Verify” option.

You have to enter your phone number and verify it. After that, your account will be verified.

That’s all. Now go to the same page and refresh it. You’ll now get the option to upload custom image thumbnails like this:

I can upload any desired thumbnail I want as long as it doesn’t violate YouTube guidelines. Do let us know if you have any queries, thank you!

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I was kind of confused when it didn’t appear over the newly created account and didn’t know how I could. This Guide made it simpler for me to understand it.

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