Fix Hentry errors in Google Search Console



What is hentry?

According to, the class hentry is a root class name that indicates the presence of an hAtom entry. hAtom is a microformat for identifying semantic information in weblog posts and practically any other place Atom may be used, such as news articles.

The hentry schema consists of the following properties:

  • entry-title. required
  • entry-content. optional
  • entry-summary. optional
  • updated. required
  • published. optional
  • author. required
  • bookmark. optional
  • tag. optional

So your blog post must contain: entry-title, updated and author properties to avoid errors in Google Search Console. Fortunately, WordPress hentry is a CSS class declared on the parent element of your blog post. (Source:

How to Fix it?

  1. Go to your Theme’s Folder.

  2. Keep a Backup of functions.php file.

  3. Copy and Paste Below Code into functions.php file and Save it !!

    add_filter( ‘post_class’, ‘remove_hentry’ );
    function remove_hentry( $class ) {
    $class = array_diff( $class, array( ‘hentry’ ) );
    return $class;

Wait for a while. Let Google Crawl your site naturally. Within 24-48 Hrs. This Problem will be resolved.

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