Find Dropshipping product ideas & trends using this search query!



If you haven’t heard about “Dropshipping” or “Drop Shipping”, then here is our simple definitiion - “You ship products from the manufacturer to the customer, but you don’t actually keep the products in stock.” I’m sure this should be pretty confusing, but you’ll understand each and every word once you start to experience.

If you want to start Dropshipping, but you are out of ideas to find the right product or niche, then you can spy on others and see how they do business. First, we’ll use Facebook to find out some ideas. A few days back, all of a sudden, everybody started to talk about “Fidgets” and it was crazy, like I have no idea how, it was just viral, so that was one such example, to go with the flow. You can replace this keyword with anything that is trending or anything with which you are personally connected.

Most of us might know about the “Just Pay Shipping” marketing tactic, it’s like, they say the product is FREE* but we have to pay the shipping price to get the product. Some of us might fall for this and get the product, but the truth is, we are actually paying for the product and they are making a sale/conversion. But anyways, we pay for the product and we get the product. Deal done.

You can use this search query: fidget just pay shipping

You can see the list of Facebook posts/ads related to this, you’ll get an idea about how crazy people love this product and whether it’s converting well or not. We can also do this in an advanced way by using Google search. Shopify’s free store URL will be like “”. We have one like “” for demo purpose.

You can search on Google like: fidget “just pay shipping"

Here you can see the list of websites following this idea/trend… just analyze them and see if it suits you or not. I’m a learner in Dropshipping, not an expert yet, so feel free to share your own ideas as well. :slight_smile:

Who knows many ways to make money online

Thanks For This article bro !! I was looking for this study :blush:


Yeah @pradeepkumar bro,
I too have noticed this trend for advertising the things like “Free shipping” over Facebook. I really impressed with this tactics.

Advertising gets smarter day by day.
Let me know all the resources that you use for your Drop Shipping course in the nearer future.

Update with your awesome resources brother in this forum.
We’re waiting for it.

Thank you. :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:
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@pradeepkumar Thanks bro for sharing this post.

Can you please share how to source product for Indian customers?

Aliexpress takes too much time.

PS: I am not a shopify seller.


I always prefer AliExpress, eBay and Amazon for Dropshipping bro, but whatever it is, if you are selecting “ePacket delivery” you’ll get the best and cheap process. :slight_smile:

There are several pros for choosing AliExpress for dropshipping bro, it’s wise to mention the ‘delivery time’ in our Shopify store clearly in the product description to avoid future issues.