Few of my posts are not loading. Just seeing the title of the posts

(Mohit Arora) #1

Hi All,

I am seeing some issues with my blog. Few of my posts are not loading. I am just seeing the title of the posts. However, others are loading fine.

This is how I am seeing the articles.

Blog URL: http://catchupdates.com/
Hosting: NameCheap

However, the same posts are opening fine in AMP version.

I have tried checking in incognito, after clearing cache, empty cache & hard reload but still not seeing the posts. Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

The homepage is loading fine bro, but when I tried to open the articles, I’m getting this error:

Failed to connect to connect.ok.ru port 443: Connection timed out

For the homepage issue you are facing, can you kindly change the theme and try again, please?

(Mohit Arora) #3

Thanks bro for your reply. Let me try changing the theme and see if it helps :frowning:

(Mohit Arora) #4

I just found the issue. One of my plugins (WP Coupons and Deals (Premium)) was causing this. I deactivated it and it is loading fine now. Thanks for your help bro :smiley: