Facing indexing/crawling issue with all my guest posts



I face issue with my guest post crawling. I try to fetch as Google, social signal, pingomatic etc.
can anyone have a solution?

PS its not happen with 1 Guest post. List is more than 15


Hey, bro. Are you saying your guest articles are not getting indexed properly? How long it generally takes without any manual effort from your side? :slight_smile:


bro, I m always doing forcefully crawling with submit to Google and its easily crawl immediately. This was my past experience.


I know crawling/indexing issue increased recently, bro. Try to do social bookmarking first and wait for a while, if we can make a few articles index properly, we can take care of the rest.


ok bro, thanks. I can try social bookmarking


This will be helpful for you mate. :slight_smile:


It’s work fine and i got positive result