Facebook Ads: Target people from specific birthday months!



You might have seen plenty of Facebook ads on your timeline, some ads will be annoying, but some will be definitely interesting & creative. This is one such ad I encountered recently.

So, this is like, I saw this advertisement because my birth month is “March,” so the advertiser targeted the folks who are born in this specific month and that’s why I see this ad. This is very detailed and selective. Moreover, the quote in this t-shirt is tempting + we have Hugh Jackman here.

If you want to target like this, then here is how you should do this. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager (or Business Manager if you have that) and create an Ad. You’ll find a section called “Detailed Targeting,” here you need to type “Birthday” and select the month in the drop-down options. That’s all. This is a very detailed targeting so this ad will be visible only to the folks born in this specific month range. This is going to be your audience.

This is a cool trick and a powerful targeting strategy to promote your merchandise and your Facebook Pages. Feel free to experiment with this option, and let us know if you have any other queries. :slight_smile:


Hi @pradeepkumar,

Thank you for sharing this useful tip bro. Will try to make use of it in my next campaign. Interesting to target Birthdays - it feels special for a buyer to buy for an occasion/event - especially Birthdays!