"Empty Cache and Hard Reload" a Website using Chrome's Developer Tools



Here is an interesting tip/trick to empty cache and hard reload a website using Google Chrome’s Developer Tools. Earlier we shared a cool tweak to change Chrome address bar color, and it’s time for another one. By default, Chrome allows us to delete the overall cache of all the websites in general, but what if, you want to do this for a particulate website alone?

Go to “View” > “Developer” > “Developer Tools”

Then ‘right-click’ the reload icon (in the address bar) and you’ll get three options here:

  1. Normal Reload

  2. Hard Reload

  3. Empty Cache and Hard Reload

You can pick the one you need and the browser will reload for that particular website alone.

This tip will be handy and useful if you are editing your blog’s theme and if you need to see the changes quickly.

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What about Windows (Google Chrome) users?
Ctrl + F5 ?


I haven’t tried bro… but yes “Ctrl” + “F5” sounds good. :smiley:

Use this simple command to restart Google Chrome browser!

I usually use Ctrl + Shift + R for cache empty reload and Ctrl + R for normal reloads.