Emd Domains Ideas: Can We sell EMD Domains at good price?



Will someone tell me that if we choose a keyword and buy emd domain for that keyword and want to sale it on fllipa or any other platform. Then will we get a lot of price for that domain or not? Or we can suggest price by its estimated search volume and with CPC rate?

For example:

Keyword: promo codes for amazon

Domain: promocodesforamazon.com

Volume: 33,100/mo | CPC: $0.13


Don’t you think people who’re doing buy and sell business since 2010 can register them self such kind of EMD?

  1. First people will not going to buy this EMD, because there is brand name(Amazon), which is against their trademarks.

  2. They don’t want to see your keyword search Volume, they want to see your analyitics report which say, yes you’re getting this much of traffic on your site.

  3. CPC and Keywords are never related to each other, whatever CPC you seen on any tool, is made for search ads not for display ads like Adsense.

I think you’re following wrong methods.


I am not following any method and i am not currently working on it. But i want to know more and more about such EMD domains.

You also can get idea from below example that what i want to know.

Keyword: barber shop near me

Domain: barbershopnearme.com


LOL, Google does not work like that. They understand user intent not just keywords, Google already become more semantic since 2000.

Barber shop near me convert into this type of query like “barber shop in your city” (Location google will pick from your mobile location or from google profile).

Google stop adding more value on EMD after 2013. You can watch many videos on that from matt cutts.

If you also buy XYZProductreview.com, then you will not going to rank on Google first page. Google use more than 200 signal to rank any website. And keyword is one of them. Whatever your mind thinking about keywords in domain, will not going to impact 1% as well.

Good luck (y)


Thanks a lot brother for information.