Easy ways to Earn $500/mon through micro niche blogging



Hello bloggers,

Here are the exclusive ideas to have a decent earning income on affiliate (some of my personal ideals has been revealed)

  1. Register a EDM related domain name and buy the hosting

  2. It is better to build WordPress website with the help of thrive landing page

  3. Pick the best niche. My recommendation is for hosting and themes because it gives you high sales (Note- Don’t choose the branded companies try to choose some of the small upcoming hosting companies)

  4. Choose the low competing keywords which have the search results below 100

  5. Contents as like case studies are mostly preferable (Note - I am having good sales only on the content which is like a case study)

  6. On the first two hard weeks try to concentrate only on google+ social signals

  7. And from the third week, try to create 10 profile and make it as a target of creating 5 to 10 on every week

  8. And on the fourth week submit 5 to 10 web 2.0 (Note - This helps me a lot to acquire high rankings)

The total expenses of the above brilliant process might upto $125 which will be changed into the monthly revenue of grand $500.

Now the niche marketing is having a very high potential!!

Try the above steps and grab your high earnings!!

Happy blogging!! :grinning::grinning::rocket::gift_heart:


Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource @trafficcrow, regarding your “Google+ Social Signals” point, I’m just curious how effective they are… and can we also add “Facebook”, “Twitter”, etc. signals for this?


Google+ Social signals are more powerful. Due to their Schema structure. They give more special position in SERP.


@pradeepkumar Bro

Facebook and Twitter might won’t work up to our expectations but while comparing both these face book and Twitter, Twitter is the best one…

I undergone a small test by using only social signals rather than Facebook and Twitter on my micro niche blog and it also gave me an excellent result so currentl, I am not concentrating on the Facebook and Twitter and I am using only Google+


What should we say in case study?
Just like how i earn XXX$ from XXXX thing?
and how much article should i write on the same micro niche site :slight_smile: Thinking to create one and follow your strategy :slight_smile:


@trafficcrow please tell more about content case study… what kind of case study we have to publish on micro niche site.

i really want to start one niche site on hosting so please please give any reference or any example about content


Are you saying about google plus profiles?


Thanks for sharing
I confusion about which parametersnd what range i have to selecting before choosin niche
Pls give me example
One niche,CPC range pls,avg monthly searches pls,
Competition is medium or low or high


Anyone can give me example of micro niche themes site pls @pradeepkumar @trafficcrow


Are you asking for live micro-niche website @utsavchopra? :slight_smile:


Yes sharing a live, and money microniche will surely help a lot


One more thing, while making it, our competitors will be giants like amazon and other ecommerce sites. so will we be able to outrank them ?


Bloggers rarely reveal their micro-niche websites mate, there are some active sites, but sharing them will affect them in one way or another, but there is something Harsh Agrawal shared publicly: https://cydiaguide.com

This is one such example. Here, the niche is iOS and micro-niche is Cydia, a jailbreaking tool. You can keep this as an example and brainstorm your next projects.


Obviously, it’ll be difficult for us to outrank eCommerce listings, but it’s possible to rank along with them, that’s fine. :slight_smile:


If you know any micro niche site related to themes, then please do share bro. We need to look into that, it will be great help.


Okay, you mean like WordPress themes here or? :slight_smile:


Along with them means ??? Ranking on first page under them ?


yes micro niche site based on premium wordpress theme


Not sure bro, but I don’t really think this kind of micro-niche can be popular… you can consider “Hosting” and get good affiliate commission, but for “Themes”, most of them would prefer free ones or get pirated/nulled ones. :\


ohh ok, if i go for themes then it won’t work :frowning: