Easiest Way To Find The List Of Keywords You Are Ranking For!



If you are getting plenty of search (organic) traffic, I’m sure you’ll be curious to know the list of keywords (or search queries) from which you are getting those traffic. Here is a small tip to easily find them, you can filter the search type, time period, and much more.

Go to Google Search Console > Search Traffic > Search Analytics

In the right side, you’ll find plenty of checkboxes, just enable the ‘Position’ option and you’ll find the list of search queries for your blog… and their position.

We did this for our MoviesDrop blog, and we got some interesting ideas about the kind of people who visit our blog. So we made use of this opportunity and wrote other related posts to make them stay on our blog as long as possible.

This helps you to understand your blog’s audience better, and you can even sign up for some affiliate products, make money out of it. For example, if you are getting plenty of traffic for the search query ‘iPhone 7 Plus tips’, then you can make another similar article like ‘Must have iPhone 7 Plus accessories’, keep your affiliate links and I’m sure the conversions will be pretty decent.

Do try this option if you haven’t, and I’m sure you’ll surprised with some results. :slight_smile:

SMART TIP: Have you tried this Keyword Research tool from Bing (Microsoft)?

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Awesome bro, great tip.
Good to understand the audience…!
This made me realize, writing for yourself doesn’t make any sense…
Affiliate idea was great…!


I have checked all the list in Webmasters and than checked rankings manually for those keywords. I can say that rankings are not that accurate because i found huge difference in it.


Oops, but bro, you can directly click on those keywords and it’ll take you to the search results right? Did you see any changes there as well?


I have checked rankings on different country so i checked manually in VPN to cross check the ranking updates ! There was not a major or minor change in ranking but can say that there is little bit of change in it.


Ohhh, okay then bro. :slight_smile: Yep, it might be varying for different countries.


i dont know about position
which position is best


It’s just like 1, 2, 3, bro… 1st position, 2nd position, 3rd position… :slight_smile:


The position here refers to the position is SERPs right?


Yes @graciousgarg, if you click on this ‘icon’, you’ll get redirected to the search results page. :slight_smile:


I know about that. Asked because I see a huge difference in the numbers presented vs. actual positions!


There could be some reasons for this @graciousgarg bro, Google.co.in and Google.com variations including…

You can this method as well, and see if matches. :slight_smile:


Make ahrefs trial
Search your domain
Click on organic keywords
And see complete information :slight_smile:


SEOProfiler gives you real-time ranking monitor. Precise, refresh rate of 15min


@pradeepkumar Bro it helps us to understand if you throw some light on why does google analytics put most of our Keywords in Not Set / Not provided section.