Earn with UC Web Platform Publishing


You probably might have heard about UC News. If yes you might have also wondered with questions -

  1. How do I join?
  2. What are the requirements?
  3. Does UC pay for publishing articles?
  4. How much can you earn?

So let me answer you these questions.

UC news is one of the biggest news platform in India. Here basically bloggers like you and me publish news related or common articles.

Yes! They do earn money by publishing articles on UC news. How is your earning counted? It basically deals with how many views did you get. But yes people do get 20000 views minimum nowadays.

UC browser is great for partial earnings. All languages are supported.

I just joined UC News platform after receiving a lot emails. It has been months since I’m getting these emails and I finally get approved.

You can sign up from this link:


It will take mostly 2 days for approval. But it might also take 10 mins. I got it in 10mins.

What do you require?
Nothing. Yeah! Really.
People might have said that you require an Pan Card. But do not require that for signing up. Yes they do ask pan card.
What you have to do is just put UCWEB****X ( replace **** with some no.s like 3527).

That’s it would be sent for an approval process.

I would keep you updated here on this thread so drop down the questions below.

I’ll be also be updating you with my own experiences.

I’ve emailed some questions to their support team. Once I get answers I’ll update that too.

Hope this long post helps HBB community.

One more thing - You get RS 300 as an gift. You can redeem this after getting 1000 views


Few hours ago I just put an email to the support asking what is their linking policy​.

Here is the copy I sent -


I just joined UC Web platform as an publisher. I joined after receiving a lot mails for joining.

As I’m new to this platform although I’m an webmaster and a blogger I’m unknown to your some of your policies.

I want to know what are your linking policies in the post that I would write.

Are outbound links allowed? If yes! Then which?

Are Affiliate links allowed? If yes! which are they.

What are some policies regarding linking.

I would be waiting for your response.


I got an reply from their side and this is an reply copy
Reply from UC:


Pls be informed that we could only allowed to put some links related to references,image reference source or proper noun,hope you can kindly understand.

Thank you,
UC News Team

Hope this helps


Thanks for letting us know about this @Soham_Pratap, will definitely check this out soon. :slight_smile:


soham sir i posted an article on uc news but post status is still pending from yesterday.


Yes it does take time for publishing of the article.
As mentioned they take mostly 2days for publishing your post.

It might take some time for approval from them until and unless you have built up yourself as an valid user.

Keep up the writing. You will definitely get something from their end.


How much uc news pays for 1000 views any idea??


Earnings change…
Let me have an experiment with UC posts and analytics then I’ll come back with the results.


200 Rs. per 1000 views. but i m not sure.:smiley:


Bro it’s paid me only 13 rs. for 1000 views.


Oh really. :worried: and how much money u have earned from uc news??


Yes the pay is low but there is huge audience out there.
Just do the math.
If you can easily reach 13000 audience then you earn 130 RS

You can at least 3 to 4 posts daily.
That could make an decent side income.


I got 80000 views and earned only less than 20$.