Earn money in autopilot


I have seen lots of site related pin code,ifsc and other topics which generate content from web or their database.
How much it cost to make such a site and how.much revenue on average they make?

Most of the sites are like,
Bank ifsc code
Pin code
Std code
Bank is open today?
List of village
Bank address

Please share your valuable inputs.


I have seen plenty of IFSC code websites, it’s not really hard to create such websites, but you need to work hard initially to rank them. Since you’ll be getting a majority of “Indian” traffic, your AdSense income will vary a lot, but you will definitely earn more every day, unlike event blogging which ends soon within a few days. :slight_smile:


What is your advise?

A) collection of all utility like http://1min.in/

B) have specific website for each utility like

  • ifsccode.in
  • pincode.in
  • villagelist.in


IFSC itself is pretty huge bro, you can definitely focus on that, shouldn’t be an issue. :slight_smile:



Thanks, This is question more of Niche vs Multi-Niche, whats work better, but still it is based on how you drive it.


Pradeep bro, what your advice about Railway?
like live train status, PNR and so on.