Drastic fall in Domain authority of my website!


(Aksara) #1

As you can see from the screen shot i got this message from the webmaster tools.
I haven’t done anything wrong as in improper links or anything against google.

This is the link for the article thats show in the picture : http://www.dotdashes.com/price-specification-and-release-date-in-india

My Domain authority (DA) used to be around 20-21 and now its 5. Not just that, all my backlinks has dissappeared as well!

If you have faced the same, please guide me.

Thanks in advance!

My backlinks aren't visible in moz!
(vijay Nelson Raj A) #2

This is the comman message that everyone has received. For the DA part, I guess you have not updating your blog frequently. Even my DA have reduced dramatically from 24 to 12 as I have stopped updating my blog for few months. Recently I have redirected my blog to the new domain, may be that would be the reason as well. Now I am updating the site regularly and will share my results soon. Regarding the backlink part, I have no clue.

(Aksara) #3

Thank you!

I update atleast once a month, is that the cause for the problem?

(vijay Nelson Raj A) #4

Possibly. As you own a tech blog you should update more frequently. But if you can’t update frequently then you should try writing long term posts like “tips & tricks”, “How to’s”.

(Aksara) #5

Will work on posting frequently. Thanks!

(Anurag Sharan) #6

There is an SSL problem that is why Google is penalizing your website. You should get a free SSL certificate from let’s encrypt to solve the issue.

don’t know if this is the reason why your DA dropped but you should fix this immediately.

(Pradeep Kumar) #7

Hi @Aksara, do enable SSL (https) for your website, almost majority of the websites will have this by this year’s end.

Regarding your DA, I think Moz’s algorithm is updating frequently, do build some backlinks, remove spammy or paid links, and update your blog frequently, let’s wait for the next update and see if makes any difference.

(Anurag Sharan) #8

Off topic question: How can we edit our forum posts, I made a typo in the above answer but I cannot find an edit button.

(Pradeep Kumar) #9

I fixed the typo mate. :slight_smile: Regarding the ‘Edit’ option, I disabled this for new members, if you post regularly (maybe like 5-10 times), then this option will be enabled… it’s about ‘User Levels’… just did this since it’s a new Forum.

(Anurag Sharan) #10

Nice Move there, @pradeepkumar. I am enjoying the forum so far :slight_smile:

(Pradeep Kumar) #11

Means a lot. Thank you for contributing. :smiley: