Doubt regarding hosting plans and guide



hi friends,
I have a blog. I bought a domain from godaddy and hosting am using basic managed WordPress but it works up to 25000 visits per month. the problem is now my blog getting more than 25k traffic. am getting almost 50k visits per month. now how to change hosting according to my blogs traffic from managed wordpress to other. amount should be cheap and best. can any one plz


Hi @muralimude, I can understand your query bro, if you are not comfortable with upgrading your GoDaddy hosting plan, you can prefer BaseZap, SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, etc. Most of them provide free migration, so you just need to give them your hosting’s cPanel access (if you have) or you can let them know, they’ll give you a proper solution. :slight_smile: Feel free to ask if you have any more queries bro.


is it better to upgrade in godaddy or can i choose any other hosting plans? is godaddy is really good ?


I will prefer digial ocean if you have some knowledge about server side.

You can handle 50k traffic easily on any host, you just have to optimize your wordpress site.

  1. Use cache plugins like w3cache (Means wp will not going to execute db query on every request)
  2. Host images somewhere else, like Github Pages(Host it for Lifetime), Google Blogspot(Not clue, because they delete images when you delete your blog), Imgur(Lifetime), Flickr(Lifetime with limited storage) etc,
  3. Remove unused CSS
  4. Minify CSS and Javascript.
  5. Host CSS and Javascript on Google cloud storage for free and set the cache control time for 3 or 6 month.

Why CPU usage too high in Digital Ocean?

GoDaddy is okay-okay bro, once you start to get traffic, you’ll face issues with the management. :frowning:


As you are growing try to get dedicated resources for your website. (vps would work too) :smiley: As @pradeepkumar said you can try basezap, inmotion, siteground.
Try to get some managed services for better control. :smiley: