Do's and Don'ts while starting a forum?



Hi Hbb,

How to build a forum? .
I have 5000+ followers all are active. My niche is on Education. After my little research i found an interesting plugin as of now it fulfil my needs. I have no knowledge in Php css etc etc. So i am happy with that Q&A plugin.

Anyone can help me with Do’s and Don’ts?
I have a doubt as its a forum some people posts other website links?
Does it effects my rankings?

Whats your preference ? Is it good to start this in sub domain or on the same domain?


Hi @NAga_VaMshi, best wishes for starting a forum. :slight_smile:

A forum is more like a Facebook group these days, but, unfortunately, unlike Facebook, our forum is not popular, so we need to build from scratch. Consider your forum as your blog’s ‘comments’ section. Here everybody can post their views, discuss anything and ask queries.

These are your goals initially:

1. Increase forum members.

2. Make them interactive and engaging.

3. Repeat 1 & 2.

After that, you can work on your posting and monetization strategies, that is when you get quality traffic via SEO and Social Media. Talking about SEO, let’s discuss the questions you asked:

Just like a blog, it’ll definitely impact your forum’s ranking bro. You shouldn’t allow everyone to post their links (or even other links) on your forum. You need to restrict all these things for the new members. Once you start to build enough backlinks for your forum, you can freely giveaway links on your side.

SEO-wise, some would say, keeping your forum in your sub-directory (like will be good, but we decided to have a separate hub for our forum, so kept like :slight_smile:

It’s more like a personal preference these days. Just pick the one you are comfortable with. Hope these are helpful bro, feel free to ask if you have any other queries.


Thanks for ur time bro.
This thread will definitely help for the people who willing to start a forum.

Bro i didnt get this point? “Seperate Hub forDomain”? you mean seperate Host? or Subdomain?
How can i create like this bro or
Can u please guide me i am using shared hosting.

Take ur time bro. I am not in hurry reply when u are free :slight_smile:

Once again thanks for ur valuable suggestions.


Hi Bro…

I am waiting For your response!

Thanks in Advance


In Shared Hosting,

Visit Subdomain Section and create a subdomain for your forum. Separate Hosting does not need for creating subdomains.
Subdomain Section present inside domain tab


You can follow what @svignesh1994 said bro. :slight_smile:


I created sub domain in my host, Now how can i install wordpress in subdomain. I tried installing as same as what i did for my main domain. But after installing the wordpress im unable to access forum.domain(.)com and it is showing DNS error.

Is it really required to install wordpress once again in subdomain?
Please help


I hope this issue is solved mate, I guess I saw that on the HBB FB Group, can you kindly share how you fixed it as well @NAga_VaMshi bro? :slight_smile:


Hi Bro,

I am using cloudfare for my DNS. The above issue is resolved by Adding “A” record with IPv4 address.
By the way every host have their unique IPv4 address. After pointing that IP address for subdomain. My issue is resolved thanks for Basezap. For an immediate resolution.



Can i use similar theme for domain and sub domain. Is it mandate to use same theme for both?


You can use them if you like the way they appear bro. :slight_smile:


For adding sub domain in Primary domain we have add link in Menu bar right?