Domain Providing Companies Offer For 1$


(Hassan Mahmood) #1

Please someone provide the list of domains providing websites that offer 1$ price for first time except godaddy because i used it already.

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Hi @hasn152, I always use GoDaddy’s $1 code for temporary new domain names, but apart from that, these are the good ones…

###1. BigRock (BRCOMSALE992)

###2. 1and1

###3. Namecheap

USEFUL: GoDaddy Domain Renewal Discount Coupon Code [UPDATED]

Will check out other sources and update this list mate… :slight_smile:

(Hassan Mahmood) #3

I tried a lot of time 1and1 but they they give for 1$ domain if we buy for two years and then the price rise up for 14$ for two years. And when i select 1 year then the price goes up for 11$. What should i do?
And also namecheap did not give any kind of discount for first domain And i want .com domains.
You can check in this link.[costs]:SELWRP=domainselect

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

There is a small problem with that bro, their fineprint says “This offer only applies to US territories.” :frowning:

(Hassan Mahmood) #5

Oh then please find other sites for this. I have wasted full 2 days in searching such websites but i also found these sites which you have provided. But anyway thanks a lot. Please update if you found more sites.

(Arjunsinh Chauhan) #6

Bigrock is one of my fav space to buy .com for $1 only. Because Godaddy require different credit card info, whenever you buy another domain with different email address. Also Godaddy many times does not provide net banking as payout option if you’ve added $0.99 coupon code.

But if you just looking for sites like that, then pradeep already share there. I don’t think there are many likes that. Google Domain and Gandi does not run any promotion offers, but they are best registrar company for long term.

(Pradeep Kumar) #7

I totally love Google Domains! Their interface is like, just get straight to the point and nothing else. Very clean and easy. :slight_smile:

(Arjunsinh Chauhan) #8

Plus they gives free Who is protection and 100 free forward emails :slight_smile:

(Nithin.Sai) #9

Check out They used to offer Domains for 100Buks

(Arjunsinh Chauhan) #10

Crazydomains have negative reviews all over the internet.

My one of FB friend register domain with crazy domain and also made payment, but later they refuse the payment because they said you’ve cheated our system.

Probably I will avoid such a registration company.

(Nithin.Sai) #11

If you are really concerned about quality. I would Recommend:

I have lost some good names just after searching in GoDaddy. They alert search results to Bulk Domain Buyers

(Nithin.Sai) #12

I m looking for a free for life domain name to create my profile & portfolio. Preferably .me TLD.

(Arjunsinh Chauhan) #13

It’s not possible to get .me domain for free lifetime. But you ca get sub domain on other site for free life time, for example will be great for simple portfolio.

Domain Registrar like Godaddy and Bigrock pays money to ICANN, so how they can give you for free?

(Nithin.Sai) #14

I have profiles with & Weebly. Yes there are Hosting Providers offering Domains free for life when you buy their Hosting Package. I earlier had a domain. No news of them now though.