Does PBN help in affiliate marketing blogs?



I work on 2 blogs and recently launched an affiliate marketing site. There I am reviewing products randomly. I mean the site is not dedicated to a particular niche, Once I write reviews on Shaver’s and next on TV and the next time on some other product[Top 10 listings],

Now I want to create a PBN for this Affiliate site[Not on a particular niche].
Does PBN help in ranking affiliate sites?
And what kind of Private blogs(i.e Niche) should I create?


Hi Anvesh,

I think PBNs don’t work anymore. You should try guest postings and social bookmarking instead of PBNs.


Thank you, But do you have any failure rankings while using PBN?


Yes. One of my friends used PBNs and his site got de-indexed. After the Google Penguin update, PBNs were easily identified and Google penalized the sites. Some get deindexed and some fallen in rankings.


The future of PBN is still a question-mark bro… but, it’s functioning as of now. Play it safe. Invest your time/money on natural backlinks, that’ll stay forever.