Does PBN help in affiliate marketing blogs?


(Anvesh reddy) #1

I work on 2 blogs and recently launched an affiliate marketing site. There I am reviewing products randomly. I mean the site is not dedicated to a particular niche, Once I write reviews on Shaver’s and next on TV and the next time on some other product[Top 10 listings],

Now I want to create a PBN for this Affiliate site[Not on a particular niche].
Does PBN help in ranking affiliate sites?
And what kind of Private blogs(i.e Niche) should I create?

(Mike Hall) #2

Hi Anvesh,

I think PBNs don’t work anymore. You should try guest postings and social bookmarking instead of PBNs.

(Anvesh reddy) #3

Thank you, But do you have any failure rankings while using PBN?

(Mike Hall) #4

Yes. One of my friends used PBNs and his site got de-indexed. After the Google Penguin update, PBNs were easily identified and Google penalized the sites. Some get deindexed and some fallen in rankings.

(Pradeep Kumar) #5

The future of PBN is still a question-mark bro… but, it’s functioning as of now. Play it safe. Invest your time/money on natural backlinks, that’ll stay forever.