Does google control organic traffics depending on DA?


I am again with a new question.
In my previous post, I had asked that why my organic traffic decreased.
Now I am wondering if DA is the only factor that impacts our organic traffic or not.
I have a programming blog website where I write various coding solutions.
To gain more traffic we started Python programming on our website. But then I noticed that I am getting more search traffic from my new posts but less traffic from the older posts.

Traffic decreased on older posts on my website.

Even one more thing I have noticed that the pages are always appearing on Google on the first page due to their good DA. Even Google does not care about the content is good or not.
Recently for an experiment,
I had removed all the contents of a post of someone’s else website. ( just for experiment, don’t to disclose how i did it ) and then inserted the link of my similar post to that post as a do follow link.
And my post content really good content that is original, rich and good enough content.
But the post with the good DA website is now blank only having the link of my website’s post.

But now I am getting a lot of referral traffic from the almost blank post of that website. But still, I am not getting organic traffic for my post.
Why google is unable to detect the content. I think google gives more than required priority to the DA rather than content. Google can easily detect that the post is not having content. the post is only driving all the traffic to my blog post with a do follow link. But still google is sending all the organic traffics to the other website which has a good DA. But I am not getting organic traffic
do you have any clue?


Hey, bro. Thanks for this question!

There could be so many reasons why you are not getting organic traffic, bro.

We talked about it a lot on our FB group. Here is one example:

So, here, even though our MoviesDrop article ranks 5th in the position, it provides more resources than the 2nd one, so I asked our members which one they will click. I got mixed opinions about this. I can easily understand that so I asked another question as well:

Let’s say I search for something on Google and if I see ShoutMeLoud, TechPP or PhoneRadar then chances are I might end up opening them no matter which rank position or attractive title they have… so this is one scenario which often tweaks the SERP performance, at least for me.

I’ll suggest you edit your old articles’ title and description frequently, bro. There are so many trends lately. Apple’s OS X turned into macOS, so we tweaked so many posts on our blog regarding that. You need to monitor each aspect and see they are updated to the latest terms. Google AdWords now Google Ads, like this, you can find so many.

Also, last but not least, try using “Last updated date” instead of “Published on” date, if you haven’t.

This article, which I published years back, will show the last updated date instead of the year published, because people might be a skeptic to read an article dated back to 2012 or 2015 or like that instead of the new ones.

DA is just a metric calculated by the backlinks you have and other signals, bro. Backlinks are just recommendations and Google considers them seriously most of the time. If I write an article about “Best Fashion Tips” and mentions this on their post a.k.a. gives us a backlink then Google will find this out one way or another. So they do impact most of the time.

Let us know if you have any queries.


Thanks for the answer but yet it is not cleared that why google is unable to detect a web page having actually no content ( only content is my blog post’s ). But still that almost empty page is appearing on first page. But the page has no content only saying this " Click this below link to know"
And that link is also indexed on google but still google is not sending any organic traffic.
I think google’s algorithm need some update to fix these.


Google and DA are different things altogether but since they are metrics to measure site growth and performance, yes, it can be said that good DA score = Google Traffic but it’s organic or not, depends.

For a DA-42 site I was ranking No 1 on “Salman Khan upcoming movies” keyword but again those Adwords paid search results on top killed me. I wasn’t getting that much traffic that is expected and more to add to pain are the YouTube videos on the top of the search results.

Also, it Google Organic traffic depends on your site niche! Google now understands sites very well.