Does anybody know about this Error?


Hi guys, Im back with another error again :smiley:

Any way to resolve this issue, this is occurring only on some of my pages.



Did you recently migrated from http to https bro?

Have you updated the settings here?

Please disable all the plugins and see if it helps.


Yes, I had updated the settings. I recently moved to DO.

I tried after disabling the plugins, still its the same.

Any other thing to try??


Bro, some of your posts are opening properly for me, what about you? Like this one:

We discussed about ‘https’ in our previous post mate, do follow this please:


Yes Pradeep, this issue is happening only with a few posts.

I dont think it is a https issue cz in that case post does not even open.


Strange bro… can you kindly revert to the default WordPress theme and see if something like this happens? :slight_smile:


The culprit here is your minified CSS file.

On that page, it is not able to find the stylesheet. Are you sure the location is right?
This is your broken link of stylesheet -

On all other pages, your stylesheet is perfectly accessible and has a different URL than the one I mentioned above.


Thanks a lot for your responses guys, I deactivated and reactivated my cache plugins and added WP Minify plugin.

Everything seems fine now.