Dispute YouTube Copyright Content ID Claim Strike! Follow This!


Let’s say you went for a trip, created a vlog and published that awesome video on your YouTube channel, but after some time, you get a notification that the audio (music) you used on your video doesn’t belong to you and YouTube gives you a copyright strike.

Now, if you are going to use your favorite popular movie song or any pop song in your video, then obviously you won’t have any rights for the content, and you shouldn’t be doing that if you want to monetize your video in the future. But, if you used a royalty-free track or a track which belongs to you, then you can definitely dispute this copyright content ID claim strike and win easily.

Most of the disputes get rejected because they are confused about the tracks they used. You can use the ones provided by YouTube’s Audio Library or you can use the ones you get from various video editing apps, Filmora, for example. They usually won’t have any copyright issue. Even some artists like NEFFEX provide copyright-free tracks, they are pretty cool, you can give them a try too.

If you are doing something like this and if you get a copyright strike, then here we go!

Dispute YouTube Copyright Content ID Claim Strike

I went to Dubai recently and recorded a few videos, so I uploaded them to our TravelTear YouTube Channel. After some time when I checked our videos section, I saw this message which says “Includes copyrighted content” next to one of our videos.

I got confused because I edited this video using Filmora and used one of their audio tracks, which is usually free. I opened this copyright claim and found out the real artist or company behind the music track I used made this strike. This is a normal practice, sometimes this happens accidentally, sometimes it’s just a way to monetize random videos, but nevertheless, we can see what can be done.

Click on that Copyright message and you’ll be taken to a page like this to see more information. You can see who is the claimant here and you also get the option to “File a dispute.” Click on that!

Since you have the permission to use a copyright-free track, especially from software/app you used or the ones which are publicly under the copyright-free status, then you just have to select this option - “I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.” You might not have the direct permission but the software you used got the copyright already for using, so don’t worry.

Select the option and click on the “Continue” button.

Confirm everything once again and click on the “Continue” button again.

Now in this page, you need to mention the reason why you think YouTube should remove the copyright-claim from your video, you can be short and descriptive about this, just tell them from where you got the audio-music-song-track and why they should allow it on your video. You can check the reason we mentioned below.

In the end, enter your full name to serve as your electronic signature and continue!

Re-check and read everything on this page, then click on the “Submit Dispute” button. That’s all.

The dispute will be in progress and you’ll hear from the claimant via YouTube soon about this.

We got a reply from them within a few days and it was positive.

And that’s the final “That’s all.” YouTube removed the copyright claim and we can now monetize the video without any problem. I’m sharing this because some newbie YouTubers will be usually discouraged by this and feel bad, this is just to remind them it’s okay to get copyright strikes and you can do your best to win. Let us know if you have any queries below!