Digital marketing and AI: what future?


Hello everyone!

I’d like to raise a discussion about Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing. Is it true that AI is going to do our job in the near future? How will things change for us marketers?


Hi @VFerrari, this is definitely an exciting topic, I honestly feel AI will make our work easy or… complicated. I’m pretty sure all the companies, especially, Social Media brands will make the most out of Artificial Intelligence to connect with all the Advertisements.

AI is good as long as it is under control and most importantly, as long as we understand them.


Hi @pradeepkumar, yes, understanding it really is a big part of the issue.

I’m also asking my self: now we are experiencing a ton of automated and personalized advertising, driven by AI. Don’t you think that sooner or later people will be tired of this kind of ads and marketers will have to come out with something new?


Advertisements will definitely stalk us no matter what. Even Mark Zuckerberg openly announced that they rely heavily on Ads to run their platform and make a profit. Earlier it was text, then images, now audio/videos, what’s next? :open_mouth:


Not sure that this strategy will keep on being effective on the long run, though. Maybe we’ll come back to some good old school marketing. What do you think?


Can you kindly share some examples? :slight_smile:


I mean reaching the audience though “traditional” campaigns, not with automated messages that pop up everywhere in your Facebook and e-mail and favourite mobile game and so on. What do you think?


Definitely! Traditional campaigns should make a change, but will that be online or offline though? :slight_smile: