Detecting non-spam comments among spam comments



Guys. I have the problem of getting more and more spam comments per day. Sometimes few comments among spam queue are not spam. Is there any easy way to detect non-spam comments among those?

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Have you tried Akismet? How’s it working for you?


Spammers are getting trickier each and every day bro, would suggest you to use “reCAPTCHA” plugin.


Hi, there are many plugins on WordPress to detect spam comments and messages. If you’re using Akismet and still getting false spam detections then go for CleanTalk or any other plugin.

This might help you in detecting spam comments easily.

Hope this helps :smile:


I’ve been following this.

Use Akismet. It does a decent job in detecting spam, but robots do commit mistakes and sometimes some genuine comments make it into the spam box.

Make a habit of replying to the comments and spend some time in filtering the comments. You will easily find the genuine ones that usually have no links with them, and a non-fishy email address attached. If you start working on replying to comments, you won’t need to have an automated process.

You are running a blog, why not have conversations with commenters and then make the comment approval job a likeable one? :slight_smile:


Yes. I do have Akismet plugin filtering spam.


Akismet, with Google Recaptcha works well for me :slight_smile:


Install Akismet & also put below code in functions.php which will remove website option from comment form.
function dg_disable_comment_url($fields) { unset($fields['url']); return $fields; } add_filter('comment_form_default_fields','dg_disable_comment_url');

People who comments for links will be slapped. :joy:


Nice one @hitesh, I use this on our functions.php file. :slight_smile:

remove_filter(‘comment_text’, ‘make_clickable’, 9);


@pradeepkumar what this code do?


Same bro, makes the link in comment unclickable. :’)


It removes href tag? If not then search engine will treat it as link. :slight_smile:

P.S. Thanks for increasing limits. :slight_smile:


I guess it is still a spam comment to earn related link backs.


Nice topic to discuss Ahmed,

If you are using some plugins to handle them, the filtering logic that they keep updating might have some kind of semantics that block the original and genuine comments too. If suppose someone what’s to post a comment like 'Nice post man! Keep bringing in more like this.", it would still be considered spam by some plugins and is flagged.

What I suggest is not to install any plugin if you are not getting that many spam comments (which is not possible these days) and if you had to buy the premium version of it to get the full benefits of its functionality.

To check manually:

No spam comments will read your post and respond. That means he won’t comment about the specificity if the posted content. Beware if the link leavers. They don’t actual mean to comment genuinely but wanted to gain similar backlinks.

The manual filtering of the comments will come by experience. All the best!