Delete Privately Shared Photos on Google Hangouts Chat Conversation!


Let’s say you are having a conversation with a friend “A” on Google Hangouts Chat, things are going fine, but after some time, your friend becomes ex-friend, and you are worried about the ‘private’ pictures you shared on the chat, whether that person can check the chat history and get that back. That’s possible. He or she might have saved all those pictures, but if that didn’t happen, then you can do this to delete them.

I personally use Google Hangouts a lot for text chatting, I use it via Android or Web, and I sent/received a lot of media content like pictures, photographs, and random images, but once I faced something that made me search for this question/answer, here we go:

1. I’m going to share an image with my another Google Hangouts chat account now:

2. Oops, now I’m worried that I shared this and I want to delete this asap. Let’s say you are facing the same too. So open Picasa Web Album Archive now.

3. Here you’ll find all the images you sent to that person, just like this:

Click on the “Photos from Hangouts” section, and you’ll get this:

At the top-right, click on the ‘three dots vertical’ menu and select “Delete Album” option.

You’ll get a prompt like this, and you just have to “Delete”!

That’s all. Now when you try to access that image via “Chat” box, it’ll go to a page like this:

Now, the photographs you privately shared via Google Hangouts chat are not available anymore.

Just a small tip… next time when you share sensitive images, turn off (disable/uncheck) the “Conversation History” in the Chat window…

So that whenever you share something privately, it won’t store any history, almost just like Incognito mode in browsers.


Don’t chat with random strangers and share your private pictures, most of you searching for this ‘question’ might be, for this reason, so be careful and stay safe. Do kindly let us know if you have any queries.