"Deceptive site ahead", "This Website Contains Harmful Links" - Reasons and Fixes



It’s been really a long time people reporting this kind of error, “Deceptive Side ahead”,“This website contains Harmful Links” and “Phishing Page ahead”. Some of Us Ignore the error and go to that Little Safety box and click on Continue. But there is the error, An Issue prevailing in the background on your website. So Let’s break down into the reasons:

Reason 1: Using Nulled Themes and Plugins.

Using Nulled themes and Plugins, You are just self-victimizing your website, the visitor and you itself. Maximum of Nulled themes and Plugins have some Piece of PHP Code Hidden in it. Which can Let the attacker OR the Nulled Theme/ Plugin representative to Hack you, Directly from the backend not of your website, But your whole web application!

Some PHP Codes like this are very harmful. They utilize the MAIL function from your side to mail them when their Theme files/ PHP Files are executed. Once you Upload the theme and Apply the theme, Due to the Basic WordPress functionality, It pings each and every PHP file in a Line By Line interpretation Model, As PHP is built on that. Once the PHP Code somewhere hidden in a File is Pinged. The website’s URL and the Attackers PHP Code location will be mailed to the E-Mail ID, that was mentioned at the time of deploying the code.

So this lets the attackers know on what website the Code is hosted and with some pre-defined configurations, It gives the access directly to the Path of the WordPress/wp-content/themes/theme_name.

Cyber Security Note: This type of behavior of your website, Can give the attackers a Reverse Connection Shell. Some people can even hack your TTY Shell by the help of this PHP Shells.

Reason 2: External Scripts/ iframes which Can cause the User to get hacked.

The Total Cheezy Reason. Hidden iFrames has some JS files which load in the background in the Client side variation. There is some Open Source software, Which is made to establish a Hook with your Browsers and Log all your Keystrokes, Activity, IP Address and Make Some Hidden Downloads in the background, The More you stay on the website, The more percentage of chances you are getting victimized.

This Kind of Javascript Can download your Login Credentials, Cookies and Much More. In some Even worst case scenarios, there are some most talented people who can write their OWN SCRIPTS which are not yet identified by the Firewalls out there.

These are Two Main Reasons, for now, Let’s check with Solutions.

Solution 1: Use a WordPress Security Plugin.

I Personally Recommend WordFence, Because It does In-Depth Code Scanning and even Sucuri Firewall Does the Same.
These both plugins are the most useful plugins ever in the case of WordPress security. WordFence even provides you more updates and a Real-time Scan of the Code Analysis. Sucuri is Mainly focused on Website Security.

These two are free plugins available for WordPress in their Repository. I’ve Linked them to the WordPress Open Repository where you can Download them locally and Upload them to your website.

Solution2: Check the same with some Third-Party and External Websites.

Google, VirusTotal, and Sucuri, These Tech-Giants provide you a free service called (Ordered) Safe Browsing, Domain Scanning and Site Check.
These three services scan your website from the external point of view for Malicious iFrames and Hidden JS, But On-Load. as they Don’t have any access to the Internal File Structure and Codes, they perform an On-Load Scan, which checks for the JS and iframes when a website loads. But this is Limited only till Front-end. We Never know what is going on in the back.

I’ve Linked them Directly to the main page of the website. Open it and Type the URL of your website to check your results.\

Solution 3: use TAC/ TC

TAC, Theme Authenticity Checker is a WordPress plugin which checks each and every file related to your website’s Current theme. It reverse Checks for the signatures of all the Malicious codes in their Database for accurate results.

The listed are top in reasons and Solutions sections, If I missed some points, Any Corrections or Improvements, Please Quote them down in comments section :slight_smile:.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile: