[DAILY UPDATE] My Affiliate Blogging Journey



I think I’m little late to post this over here. But, it’s not that late too.
I decided to start my blogging journey - And I started mainly focusing on affiliate rather than Adsense. I always think affiliates are better than absence but you will have to work harder to get a sale.

I will be daily updating so keep reading.

But anyway this is how I started -

  1. Hosting - I have gone with a hosting that was provided by one of my friend and he the best and powerful hosting. He was better providing one of them free for me.

2.Niche - Niche is something is a subject that you are going to write. Keep in mind go with your niche only. If you are going to write about blogging, funny, news, cats - dogs also camels and zebras. You are not going to rank.
I have chosen something that is highly convertible in affiliate sales. There are more people around the globe continuously searching for my niche. So, I have a lot of knowledge around the niche so I have chosen a good particularly.
I’m not going to tell you my niche but I will tell how to do to the rest of the stuff.

  1. Domain- Domains are for like 125 rs. But, I know how to choose a domain and would like to tell you all

Choose a brandable domain name.
e.g if you are going to write upon how to make money
don’t choose a long domain like - howtomakemoneyblogging.com (This is harder to remember and looks scammy).
But like HellBoundBloggers.com - Pradip Kumar has branded the domain of his own and also the main keyword is included.

So, I went with the branded domain.

  1. Next - Wordpress - setup WordPress is good and is easy.

  2. Themes - I always thought that a good theme is very important in your blogging journey. so, I invested in the good theme. I went with Genesis Framework. They are fast are very reliable.

  3. Setting up Google Analytics.

  4. Doing all the necessary pages like - contact, about us. Next important thing I did I added disclaimer this is very important if you are starting with the affiliate. You will have to disclose that you earn a small amount of referral fee.

*This is initial steps.

Secondly -

  1. Writing a blog post. - This article has to be long and informative. I have written this post above 1700 words and is quite interesting.
    a. I used Semrush for keyword research.
    b. Analysed my content and used some LSI keywords to rank.
    c. I was not aiming for a keyword that has hit above 7000 / month but I was aiming for a keyword that has less than 5000 searches per month and is easy to rank.

  2. Wrote the article.


So till now, I haven’t submitted my sitemap to search console.
It is better that you submit your sitemap after you publish some content. Next thing I did was to wait for the unit the post was published.
So, this was 4 days off for me.
But I kept my posts ready to be published.

Next update will be posted soon.