Custom domain without www in blogger

(R Badri) #1

Is it possible to get a custom domain without www in blogger platform. I read in blogger that we should mention www while directing the blogspot URL to custom domain.

(Nitishk Gupta) #2

Hi, @ranganbadri . I would not suggest you to use non www version for your blog as it creates duplicate content issues and is not good for SEO. So always use www version and redirect non www to www version.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(R Badri) #3

Thanks, I appreciate your response. Nevertheless, I want to know more about the duplicate issue that arises when using URL without www.

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

That is not possible unfortunately mate. :frowning:

You badly need to have a sub-domain like ‘blog’ or ‘www’ if you want to configure custom domain name in platform.

(R Badri) #5

Ok Pradeep. Thanks. I did some digging and read that a site must have www in it’s URL.