CSS Tricks for great Graphics


Do any of you use this?

Sometimes you just need to start a video playing by some user interaction on the page other than clicking right on that video itself. Perhaps a “Play Video” button of your own creation lives on your page and you want to start that video when that button is clicked. That’s JavaScript territory. And if that video is a YouTube or Vimeo video, we’ll need to make use of the APIs they provide. No problem.

For these examples, we’ll assume you’ve already picked out a video and you’re going to put it on the page.


For an example how did he use this icon for the play button?


Here is some other great content. I hope this helps the forum members.



Thanks for sharing this @RedCross, it was really helpful for us. :slight_smile:


Thanks - Which things interested you the most? Will you implement anything new on yours? This problogger guy is popular.


I bookmarked the ProBlogger post bro, will definitely check them out soon, yes, will experiment a lot and implement them. :smiley: