Creating a movie streaming website (LEGAL)



I am thinking of setting up a website (kind of like Google Play or iTunes) starting with my film Eleven Days and several other really good independent films by my fellow indie film makers so we can start a revenue sharing platform.

Is there anyone out there that has had thins experience and that can guide me to the right direct?

What kind of budget would I need?




Being a film maker myself, I am aware of getting all the rights released and legal issues or the cost or promoting the website or the films on it. That is not my concern. I am more interested to find out the costing of hosting and having such an application and having the payment and daily sales report system in place. I am looking to invest in this if there is anyone you can pitch me a good solution.


You want to sell ads on your movies or you want to sell movies directly by promoting it?

I think you want to sell movies by promoting it.

  1. I suggest to go for Google cloud as hosting because they have media service, which allowed to play your movies with different resolution and encoding formats.

  2. To implement payment API, I suggest Instamojo but it support only Indian currency. Almost all payment service have call back API which can help you create your own sell reports, you just have to read their docs or contact the team.

You required experience developers for that or may be team as well but if you have no tight budget then I suggest to make a subscription page on your site like, so if user buy any monthly package then they can view your private website after login.

On your private website, you add videos easily with HTML5 tag, but based on user subscription, you have to embed multiple files with different resolution and encoding formats, because many mobile device does not support H265 coding, and may be many people want to see your videos in 1440p or 2160p. so based on user you might need different formats for same movie.

I have no idea about price so please refer, and I also suggest you do simple search on Google about “Sell your film”, you might find many good service with good rev share program, because building own platform from scratch require tight budget.


HI @Goyllo, yes I am planning to set up a movie stream site buy collaborating with filmmakers (they provide the rights and film) and monetizing it (the get the chunking of the rental or sale).

I have done some research and looked and some white label video streaming providers and am in the process of understanding their costing (both fixed & variable) so I don’t get any surprises and to make sure that there is enough margin left for both filmmakers and me.

Do you think these white label video streaming may be the answer?


Yes, for beginner it is good, because you have no experience on selling movies.
Later you can build your own platform for good margin profits.


Thanks again @Goyllo, so white label is for inexperiecnce? hahah! I am having a hard time understanding, too much info in these last 2 days.

Do you mind sending me a friend request on FB? I have some more question hope you don’t mind sharing your knowledge?



My knowledge in this subject is also zero. But creating own platform from scratch is not I suggest to any newbie, even I will no go for that if I want to promote my first film.

If you do more Google then I think you may find many site list like Vimeo which share 90% rev share to you


Hi @Goyllo I am sure you are just being humble. Yes, I noticed that vimeo is offering 90% revenue share but I haven’t looked at the exact T&C’s yet. Will Check it out after going through the final sound check for Eleven Days today!