Create Free Dofollow Backlink From Microsoft


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Step:1 Go to and navigate top right Sign Up option.
Step:2 Now you will see login page. Select "Sign in with Microsoft account.
Step:3 Now create new account. It will take 30 seconds only. Next You will redirect to Microsoft answer site. Here it will ask you to put profile name.
Step:4 After completing this, open your account profile. For this Select profile from top right and then >>My Profile.
Step:5 You will see your profile. Now select Profile >> Edit Profile.
Step:6 Here put your link and anchor text. Then click save button.

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(Ahmed Nazeeh) #2

Done about 3 weeks ago. Im also a contributor there

(Sufyan Shaikh) #4

thank u so much I also created link for my blog :slight_smile:

(Navin Rao) #5

Cool one, by the way generally what time it would take to appear in the backlinks list or get attached with the domain…

(Pradeep Kumar) #6

Not sure mate, but kindly check Moz OSE after each update, you can easily find the list of authoritative backlinks.

(Thandava Krishna tk) #7

Those who had done the procedure,please let us know that it was linked(dofollow) or not

(Veer Amrit Singh) #8

Did it yesterday. Will let you know.

(Mukesh) #9

Done about 2 year ago for my site

(Vamsikrishna Narayana) #10

like this its may be possible with nokia