Create Free Dofollow Backlink From Microsoft



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Step:1 Go to and navigate top right Sign Up option.
Step:2 Now you will see login page. Select "Sign in with Microsoft account.
Step:3 Now create new account. It will take 30 seconds only. Next You will redirect to Microsoft answer site. Here it will ask you to put profile name.
Step:4 After completing this, open your account profile. For this Select profile from top right and then >>My Profile.
Step:5 You will see your profile. Now select Profile >> Edit Profile.
Step:6 Here put your link and anchor text. Then click save button.

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Done about 3 weeks ago. Im also a contributor there


thank u so much I also created link for my blog :slight_smile:


Cool one, by the way generally what time it would take to appear in the backlinks list or get attached with the domain…


Not sure mate, but kindly check Moz OSE after each update, you can easily find the list of authoritative backlinks.


Those who had done the procedure,please let us know that it was linked(dofollow) or not


Did it yesterday. Will let you know.


Done about 2 year ago for my site


like this its may be possible with nokia