Could u explain me abt keyword research



iam failed in filtering the keywords
for example iam using google keywords planner
which tool is better for doing competion analysis like competion search traffic


No worries @vamsikrishna_narayan, I would suggest you get the trial version of all the popular tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush and Moz Pro. They are pretty helpful. :slight_smile:

Along with that, do try the keyword research tools from Yandex and Bing, they are decent.

We have two wonderful forum threads contributed by @vinaykrkatiyar and @trafficcrow regarding this:


Ahrefs and Semrush both are good tool for keyword research, and both will show you similar results, but semrush will show you reports for other country as well, while Ahrefs mainly have English query reports. But Ahrefs is also top choice for anyone who want to analysis backlinks as well. Personally I use ahrefs alone.

So as pradeep kumar said you can go for trial. But there is group buy service as well, which gives you access to those tool for only $10/month/tool. Flikover is one of them.


Does keywords matter in purchasing a domain?
I am willing to purchase a new domain and start a blog on the niche which gets high traffic and the competition is low. Actually, I am passionate about tech blogger - writing blogposts on phones, gadgets, tips, etc. But the competition seems really high!
so, Pradeep Sir, Can you please suggest me some niche relevant to my passion? Also tell me some suggestions for the Domain name :smiley:
I hope the name suggested by you will be great…


You already mentioned the topics about which you are passionate bro. :frowning: Take any niche, it’ll definitely be competitive, no matter what, don’t worry about that, just work hard/smart.

Picking a domain name is risky bro, you need to make sure they are not trademarked, usernames should be available on social media, if I start to research it’ll definitely take months. :stuck_out_tongue: :’(


:smiley:, Anyways Thank you for your reply :wink: