Convert Your CPU Into VPS


Hello HBBians Would You Like To Have Your Own Virtual Private Server (VPS).Just Follow me And Grab It

Go To Microsoft Lab

And Select Deploying a Highly Available Virtual machine.See Image Below

Next Select Only Microsoft Customer

Login To Your Microsoft Account

Fill Up Details (Ignore It If U Did It Earlier)

Then Same Page Appears As In Frist Image

Select Deploying a Highly Available Virtual machine

Next Page Complete Captcha And Select Launch This Lab

Next Wait For The Vps To Setup And Copy Password And Download Your Vps

Thats It Launch Your Vps And Enter Password .Sit And Relax

When Your Vps Is Ready It Looks Like


I have created the vm but whats the use of this?


see what i got


hey, @Praan_dasari is there any way to connect to RDP again?
as after disconnecting I can not connect again.