Confusion with keywords


I am going with a niche website and here is a small doubt .

I had a low comp keyword. Let it be “hack whatsapp”. I found through manual analysis.I use keywords everywhere chrome extension on my laptop.When i searches for my keyword “hack whatsapp” it shows some 500/month.Now i found some other related keywords in the related searches.

If “hack whatsapp” was my main kw with 500searches/month then new kw which i found through related search is like “hack phone whatsapp possible” an it has more number of searches than my primary keyword as well.

coming to the URL structure,which should i prefer?
coming to the article,which should i target?


Hey @thandavakrishnatk! I’ll take another keyword for example: “Android Wallpapers”

This is a popular keyword, but again, we have another related keyword: “Android Wallpapers HD”

You can keep your URL structure like:

In this article, you can include all the related keywords like “HD”, “Download”, “Samsung”, “Pixel”, etc…

You can keep your permalink with your primary main keyword and you can keep all the other natural related keywords in your article. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar i agree with you bro. But the related keyword was improper to write (it was like “phone android wallpapers HD”).And this related kw has more searches than my primary keyword :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t suggest you to use this as a permalink bro, but rather you can try this one directly on the content. :slight_smile:


Thinking the same bro.
Thank you :slight_smile: