Comment Section is not visible in post!


I have already enabled the comments in discussion section but its still not showing in the post.
Hence I am Facebook Comment Plugin as an altenate.
This is my blog: Tech Latest
Please do check the problem in it.
Also once review my blog.
Hoping for Help!


Hi @Shekhar_Vaidya, can you kindly go to your post editor and at the bottom you’ll find another “Discussion” section, comments are enabled (allowed) here? :slight_smile:


No such option is there!


Your interface looks different @Shekhar_Vaidya, are you using desktop for this?


I am using Flatty theme for admin panel.


Can you change the admin panel theme and check mate? :slight_smile:


Okay l am deactivating it and will reply you.


Didn’t get any response after deactivating the plugin.!:confused:


At the top of your post editor, you’ll find something called “Screen Option”, click that and enable “Discussion” & “Comments” mate. :slight_smile:


I have already enabled that!


This is strange bro… can you try changing your blog theme into default one and update me mate? By this, we can figure out this issue’s exact source…


Problem solved,I have contacted Theme Support and they helped me with this.
My theme was not updated that’s why I was facing the problem.