Check Whether Your Facebook Ads Will Reach Its Full Audience Or Not



If you are running a Facebook page(s), then you might have probably heard about Facebook Ads (their own ad network to boost your page), maybe you might have also tried it. But we often make a silly mistake during our trial and error experiments, one such thing is the amount of ‘text’ that should be visible in the posts (especially images) we boost or advertise.

Earlier Facebook used to disapprove Image Ads with a high volume of text in it, but right now, they approve but restrict our reach… I often get notifications like this whenever I boost a meme or quote image on our page.

It disappoints me a lot, but again, it’s Facebook and their algorithm, I have nothing to say. Fortunately, they have a cool tool for us to check beforehand whether our ad image will reach its full audience or not. You can try this tool, and if possible, reduce the text in your ad image, maybe we can avoid being a Grammar Nazi and make some minor tweaks.

Facebook Ads Image Text Check Tool


1) Image Text: OK

2) Image Text: Low

3) Image Text: Medium

4) Image Text: High

Are you using Facebook Ads for your Page? Have you tried this interesting tool? Do let us know your experience. :slight_smile:

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Your Facebook Ad disapproved? You can appeal back and get approved!

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