Check Website Downtime & Required Tools To Monitor


if I am using a hosting, suddenly it may go down any reason,
some common reasons I have experienced

  1. lack of resources in GoDaddy hosting
  2. Error establishing database connection
  3. Hosting server was down

how can i track how much time my site was down , monthly analysis ,

is there any tool like that free or paid


@GaddiPrashanth You can use UptimeRobot or Pingdom Free plan to monitor your website’s uptime.


unable to sign up for kingdom free plan, asking for 14 days trial & uptime robot interval is 5 minutes we may not find server restart. need something that works on real time.


Hello Prashant,

No Free Service will provide realtime checks or smaller intervals(1 minute or less). You will have to purchase a VPS and setup your own monitoring solution such as Multiping.

Or you can setup on your own Windows PC, if you are short on budget.


There will definitely be some limitations for ‘free’ services mate, been using “Uptime Robot”, it’s good so far. :slight_smile: