Check Website Downtime & Required Tools To Monitor

(Gaddi Prashanth) #1

if I am using a hosting, suddenly it may go down any reason,
some common reasons I have experienced

  1. lack of resources in GoDaddy hosting
  2. Error establishing database connection
  3. Hosting server was down

how can i track how much time my site was down , monthly analysis ,

is there any tool like that free or paid

(Shivam Saluja) #2

@GaddiPrashanth You can use UptimeRobot or Pingdom Free plan to monitor your website’s uptime.

(Gaddi Prashanth) #3

unable to sign up for kingdom free plan, asking for 14 days trial & uptime robot interval is 5 minutes we may not find server restart. need something that works on real time.

(Shivam Saluja) #4

Hello Prashant,

No Free Service will provide realtime checks or smaller intervals(1 minute or less). You will have to purchase a VPS and setup your own monitoring solution such as Multiping.

Or you can setup on your own Windows PC, if you are short on budget.

(Pradeep Kumar) #5

There will definitely be some limitations for ‘free’ services mate, been using “Uptime Robot”, it’s good so far. :slight_smile: