Can You guys help me to get adsense approval quickly


I think My site have some quality content. and now I want to monetize my blog. I’ve applied to adsense 4 times but rejected. so can you guys help me to get approval??



  1. Setup important pages like privacy policy, Contact us, About us etc.

  2. Your domain should have some age.

  3. A good design is must

  4. remove all other advertisements before submitting your blog for an approval


please check my blog. how is that ? can I apply with that blog?


l have already seen your blog. Your content is good.

When your domain was registered ?


on 05 January 2017.but I started working on the blog after February


I think you are ready to submit your blog to Adsense.

Best of luck Brother


Hi @Garusan_Koneswaran, you forgot the basic fundamentals of blogging & earning… if your blog doesn’t generate much traffic, then there is no point in using AdSense on your blog at the moment bro. :frowning:

I have seen plenty of blogs crowded with AdSense ads but they are not able to generate money because of low-traffic and poor quality content. I would suggest everyone to first focus on this rather than signing up for AdSense…


that’s why I am asked? I don’t have enough traffic. is that ok to earn?
now I Got the answer. thanks bro


Kindly wait for a while and build the traffic first bro. I’m sure after a couple of months, you’ll get your account and you can earn more than you can imagine. :slight_smile:


Does domain extension also matters for adsense approval?


I don’t really think so bro…