Can You guys help me to get adsense approval quickly

(Garusan Koneswaran) #1

I think My site have some quality content. and now I want to monetize my blog. I’ve applied to adsense 4 times but rejected. so can you guys help me to get approval??

(Samba Siva) #2


  1. Setup important pages like privacy policy, Contact us, About us etc.

  2. Your domain should have some age.

  3. A good design is must

  4. remove all other advertisements before submitting your blog for an approval

(Garusan Koneswaran) #3

please check my blog. how is that ? can I apply with that blog?

(Samba Siva) #4

l have already seen your blog. Your content is good.

When your domain was registered ?

(Garusan Koneswaran) #5

on 05 January 2017.but I started working on the blog after February

(Samba Siva) #6

I think you are ready to submit your blog to Adsense.

Best of luck Brother

(Pradeep Kumar) #7

Hi @Garusan_Koneswaran, you forgot the basic fundamentals of blogging & earning… if your blog doesn’t generate much traffic, then there is no point in using AdSense on your blog at the moment bro. :frowning:

I have seen plenty of blogs crowded with AdSense ads but they are not able to generate money because of low-traffic and poor quality content. I would suggest everyone to first focus on this rather than signing up for AdSense…

(Garusan Koneswaran) #8

that’s why I am asked? I don’t have enough traffic. is that ok to earn?
now I Got the answer. thanks bro

(Pradeep Kumar) #9

Kindly wait for a while and build the traffic first bro. I’m sure after a couple of months, you’ll get your account and you can earn more than you can imagine. :slight_smile:

(Amit Kakkar) #10

Does domain extension also matters for adsense approval?

(Pradeep Kumar) #11

I don’t really think so bro…