Can someone review my site? Plz?



Can someone review my Tech Niche site based on SEO and Optimization?
I get only about 50 views a day, and the blog is a year old…I don’t know what I should do?
My posts are well SEO Optimized and keywords rank around 10-50 position in US and India too!

I seriously need some guidance and someone to lemme know what exactly I should do! My previous blog (Sold) also faced the same issue! And now I am stuck again! I don’t wanna mess up anything again too!

URL :-


Hey bro, one-year-old, how many blog posts you have published right now? :slight_smile:


310 posts bro, but count 80+ as most of them are news posts



According to Me,

  1. Start focusing on Interlinking. If you are a WordPress user, Use SeoSmart Links

  2. Start focusing on quality link building. I have seen some of your back links and they are from commenting, Directories etc. Try getting quality links by Guest Posting.

  3. You have said that you are not getting enough rankings. To get you on the first page. Try reading this tutorial fully


This is pretty bad for 310 articles bro, I would suggest you pick at least 10 articles and optimize them for SEO. This is the only way to get constant search traffic. Build backlinks around them and optimize them further.


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try to implement them ASAP :slight_smile:


What’s the best way to setup the plugin properly?
Do you use that plugin? If Yes, then can you please share a screenshot of the settings? Or somewhere I can look for it? The plugin seems to not work me. :confused:

Thank You :slight_smile:


Read this brother


Yeah I did read that tutorial mate, But it ain’t helping me…:frowning:


Here’s a screenshot of the setting :slight_smile:



I am Not using WordPress. So Can’t help, sorry.

But you can try these alternatives: