Can someone review my blog and answer my questions about it?



I am Amit and I have been running my blog The Chipped from past 1 year and I want to know how can I improve my blog’s look and improve the quality of my site. And also some tips on SEO will be good :slight_smile:

About:- The Chipped is a tech niche based site running from 30th April 2016 and have 300 posts which consists 60% of news articles and other 40% of How-to, reviews and guest posts. I get 50+ views on my site daily and strangely my homepage gets the maximum number of views I earn abosulutely 0 from this blog currently.

Things I am confused about are :-

  • Should I delete the news articles as they are just making it difficult for me to try new SEO tricks that I have learnt also they are out dated content no one would like to read and they wont even rank.

  • Should I create more content or I should I improve the previous 40% content.

  • How should I place advertisment on my blog? Is the current placement nice?

  • How is the theme of the site? Should I change the theme or not? And if yes then which one should I keep?

Some more suggestions would be great :slight_smile:

Expecting a reply from @pradeepkumar



Hey @a15 bro. :slight_smile:

For some reasons, I’m not able to access your blog, it says “ redirected you too many times.”

Do check kindly check this and fix bro. And regarding your queries, these are my views:

I don’t really think so bro. You should definitely post them for good social media traffic. Say a blog post like “iPhone 8 will have USB Type-C: Officially confirmed!” I’m sure this post will be viral amongst all the iPhone (and Android) lovers. Try to do this consistently and submit your blog to Google News.

Both bro. But don’t produce more content until you have improved your previous 40% content. Suppose if you have an old article which says “Best Android Battery Tips”, it might be outdated right, so you can update it properly with the latest OS tips as well.

For the last 2 queries, I’m not able to access your blog now bro. :frowning: Let me know if you can find a fix, else I’ll see what can be done. Best wishes. :slight_smile:



Thank You for replying to my query sir and also I have fixed my site’s problem you can check it now and let me know the answer for the other two questions too at your earliest. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that bro, your homepage is openly fine, but I’m not able to access your articles. :frowning:

I think this is a simple error, just go to your Dashboard > Permalinks and save them once again bro!


Looks like all the errors have to occur now only, everything was working perfectly fine when I posted this thread…I’ll see what I can do about this :frowning:


Don’t worry bro, glad I could point them out to you now. Do kindly let me know after fixing them! :slight_smile: