Can somebody give a clear guide on Migrating from Blogger to WP


I’m thinking of migrating my blogspot blog to WordPress. I am not interested in losing my rankings. So can somebody guide me, How to migrate from Blogger to WP


How many articles do you have on your current Blogger blog bro? :slight_smile:


Exactly 99 bro. I am thinking of making the 100th blog post in WP


find “export” in blogger bro. So that you can make a backup of your posts and media.
Then you can go to WP and import it there with the help of “WP import” plugin!


But, I think only exporting and importing isn’t called migration. It won’t be a copyright ?


but bro i think copyrights belongs to a specific domain. Do you hava a custom domain?


There will be three main steps bro: Export | Import | Redirect :slight_smile: