Can I use Scraped Content Found via web.archive?

(Vineet Gupta) #1

While searching for Expired Domains & looking at its history via I see some expired domains still have content on it.
When I check that content on google, its deindexed from there. In Plagrism checking tools also it shows 90%-95% unique.

  1. Can I use such content?
  2. If Yes, where? (Own Blog? Guest Blog? PBN? Web 2.0?, etc.??)
  3. Can there be any copyright issues?
    Look forward to some help from HBB community.
    Thanks in advance

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(Pradeep Kumar) #2

Hi @vineet18del, all those articles are probably dead, and you might not have any issue if you publish it on a new website, but I would still feel, it should belong to the original website instead. So, if you are going to register that expired domain name, you can use the content on the same website instead. :slight_smile:

(Vineet Gupta) #3

Thanks for the revert Pradeep.
But, why are you insisting to use the content on the same domain?

Look forward to hear from you on this.

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

I just kinda feel bad ethically to do this bro, apart from that, I don’t really mind. :smiley:

(Vineet Gupta) #5

Ohk, now I get you.

And, if I buy expired domain which has content on it, and the content is good to be reused…
Then will you suggest to use same “Author Name” to publish that content?

(Pradeep Kumar) #6

You can create an account with the website name and publish all those articles under this account bro. Again, it’ll be weird for us to take the credit for articles written by someone else, so we can publish it under the website account itself. :slight_smile:

(Vineet Gupta) #7

Agreed bro. Thanks for your valuable inputs :slight_smile: /\

(Girish Karthik) #8

Mmm well said @pradeepkumar we should not only respect the content but we should also respect the creator, without him/her we won’t be having this great content.

About reusing the content @vineet18del. Instead, you can make an updated version of the content which fits the present case, within the content give credit for the old author and if you can find him now let him know about it.

This helps you to build your links and also a healthy relation.