Can I use different nameservers for my subdomain blog website?


Hi @pradeepkumar, you have blog on and forum on

Pls let us know how we can delegate forum subdomain to use a different name server.


There is an effortless way to do this. Go to your:

Domain Registrar or cPanel > DNS Records

Create an “A” Record, mention your ‘subdomain’ URL in the “Host” field and your required Server’s IP address in the “Points to” field.

This procedure will help your sub-domain to use a different Nameserver or server IP Address from the original main domain.

Additionally on some services you’ll directly have the option to add “NS Records,” you can take a look at Cloudflare itself.


Hello Pradeep,

I have the same question. Let’s say if I have two nameservers that I want to use with a subdomain. How can I acheive it as A and AAAA records only work if you have single IP.

Another thing, I use Google domains, I want to utilize their email service but the problem is that it only works when you have Google nameservers but I use cloudflare. Is there any workaround for this?

I hope what I asked is correct.


Hi @mehulboricha :slight_smile:

You can do that via your cPanel itself, bro.

Your nameserver(s) (in the hostname field) should be followed by a . symbol.

Are you referring to Custom Email (G Suite) or Email Forwarding, bro?


Email forwarding.

Because it only works when you are using Google’s Name-servers. Any way to make it compatible with cloudflare or any other third part dns/nameservers?


You can make use of Cloudflare’s “Page Rules” option, bro. You can create a redirect here. :slight_smile: