Can bot crawl pop up login/sign up form?


I need to use pop up login form, as some hackers keep trying login my website with admin username, I don’t want to keep reCAPTCHA. So, please tell me someone


Are you talking hacking bot or Search engine bot like Googlebot?


Hacking bot. Just to prevent spam and hackers.


Are you sure it is hacking bot?, hope you’re sure by checking your site logs.

Many bot simply don’t execute JavaScript at all, because it cost more computer resource, so I think adding pop-up by using Javascript, you can prevent them.

But Googlebot execute Javascript and when there is some text fields in your FORM, then they will enter some random query based on your site niche, and may click on your login button(It is worst than some hack tool) as well, so please stick with reCAPTCHA or block search engine via robots.txt but for that, you have to make separate login/signup and then block the link on robots.txt. I don’t see other ways.


Thank you. Your answer helped me lot. I started using simple math captcha, which simultaneously change its input location to evaluate value. I hate Google reCaptcha.