Can anyone Share the Perfect 301 Redirection Guide?



Can someone share the perfect domain 301 redirection guide?

PS: At present many bloggers even me do like, create one another blog with the same niche and the EMD. And then create content and backlinks (blast) for that domain and after few days or month redirect it to the money site.

Wanted to know I am doing it correct way or there is something more in this?

Experts Suggestion required.

Thanks in Advance.


Bro, if you follow the ‘redirection’ tag you’ll find plenty of threads related to this, but what exactly is your query?

Are you planning to redirect your unwanted domain to your money site?


Hey @pradeepkumar bro how are you?

Suppose I have two EMD Macro niche on “Xiomi Mi”. Now in that one site is money site and another one is built for redirection.

Now I have built many backlinks even GSA links to that second site so that after redirection it passes maximum link juice.

So my question is, if I redirect this kind of domain to my money site what would happen?

Is it safe? If not then suggest me some better methods.

Thank You


When you build links to site B
And site B redirect to site A

Then actually those links will consider as backlinks for site A. Understand what 301 actually means, it simply say the resource is moved to another location so juicyrank will also pass. If those backlinks are bad then your site A will be penalize, it does not matter how many 301 redirection you use in middle.

Most of GSA links are bad, but still if you find some good links, then I will probably link to my site B, where actual content exist. When content is there, then it’s safe to link to your site A.

I see lot’s of people say tier 1 backlinks, tier 2 backlinks, but actually it’s a node. And Google is pretty good to find such a spam node.